Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obama Phone Call to GMA, not real

Yup, no real phone call from Obama. And GMA bit into it.

Obama's sound-alike, Jamie Foxx, was hired to do the impersonation and pretend GMA is still relevant, important, and whatever. 

See how well Foxx does Obama in the video below.

After all, the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) protected American interests in the Philippines (Dole and Del Monte Plantations, mining, banking, etc.).

Obama was too busy taking care of his lovely kids and dealing with the global financial crisis. 
The Spratlys issue was nothing. The Americans, with their intelligence network, knew China was going to send a patrol boat. 

China sent the boat to show just how ignorant and pathetic Philippine leaders are.

Where are you Ted Casino?
Where are you Kiko Pangilinan?
Where are you Mr. Mitra of Palawan?
Where are you GMA?

Thanks, President Obama (wink)

Just Hello, Mac-Ayo, but still NoMaM.

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  1. Foxx is gooooood!

    Rene Inigo
    Los Angeles, CA

  2. I don't believe it was Foxx.

    John V.
    Manila, Phils.

  3. Only GMA knows what they talked about, and she probably knows Ray... lol

    Ray Ray de Guzman
    Manila, Phils.